Environmental performance

We have a Management System (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015), the incorporation of environmental management has made us go a long way to obtain a stable, documented and demonstrable criterion in environmental management. Below you will find both part of this path and the achievements we have made. All of this is evidence of our commitment to the environment, which, as we define in our policy, we consider to be one of our company’s assets.

We are focused on the life cycle, studying a boat’s life cycle as the very core of our work. Everything we do revolves around boats.

To summarise, we can observe all life cycle stages and our level of involvement in each one of them:

Here at Nautic Center Menorca, our greatest concern is with maintenance and helping to reduce its subsequent impacts. Given that our work mainly affects these stages while maintaining and improving our clients’ boats for their optimal performance, this has a lower impact on the environment. The following graph shows the data:

With this overview, we have established a criterion of the Management System’s operation that has been expanded to include all environmental management, as can be seen below.

Once everything is operational, objectives are defined and results are obtained:


Here are some environmental tips related to the use of your boat and your stay in Menorca:

We are always happy to be able to help you.

The Nautic Center Menorca team